Sell With Bitsy Boutique

We love having new handmade businesses selling at Bitsy Boutique Gift Shop and we also promote these businesses on our social media accounts and offer our support!

Sometimes people want to go with the big businesses, but if you come with us at Bitsy Boutique, we care about the whole package and work with you on this.

We don’t take any commission and only charge for promoting your products on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to over 100,000 followers.

For more information, please fill in the contact form and let us know what you make and we shall get right back to you.

Read some of our handmade seller reviews!

Chantelle at Bitsy Boutique is amazing to work alongside. She always goes the extra mile, is super supportive, and is an all-round wonderful human. I would highly recommend being a Bitsy Boutique handmade seller; to help promote your small business and to get your products seen. Hayley

Chantelle is one the of most helpful ladies I have had the pleasure to meet.  I paid her to advertise my business for me and got sales from it.  I am a bit of a novice when it comes to FB and Instagram and Chantelle helped me through step by step, that wasn’t part of the advertising,  she did it out of the kindness of her heart and now my business is flying thank you so much, Chantelle!  Advertising with Bitsy Boutique is definitely worth doing for all you small businesses out there – she will get you seen –  worth every penny. Michelle

I would highly recommend joining Bitsy Boutique’s handmade sellers. Chantelle has a huge client base which goes to show how happy people are with her and she is great at promoting you.  A wonderful team to join. Many thanks for all your help. Susan

It has been a real pleasure working with Chantelle. She is supportive, approachable and great at communicating – I felt like I could trust her from the start. She has a wonderful work ethos, she works really hard to showcase and support small businesses using her own experience and knowledge. My IG account has certainly grown since I started working with her. I have really enjoyed being part of her online community and connecting with other makers. I would definitely recommend Chantelle’s services and her Bitsy Boutique online shop. Elinor

It has been a joy working with bitsy boutique. Chantelle was understanding of my needs and consistently consistent. She’s a very busy lady but regardless of that, she always responds to every message and helps to generate an online appearance even when you can’t be online yourself. Thank you so much Chantelle your help has been fantastic. Rachael

Chantelle has been an incredible support to our small business. She set clear guidelines from the outset of what she needed from us to promote our business on social media. She works hard to support your business and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting guidance and support in promoting your business to a wider audience.
Thank you, Chantelle! Kathryn.

I absolutely loved working with Chantelle, great friendly service and fantastic promotion. She really does go above and beyond to make your products look great. 1000% would work with again. Jade.

I can’t thank Chantelle enough for all her work to promote my business. Besides getting sales, she helped me grow my IG account by always tagging me in posts. She also kept me up to date with insights like how many people had saved my items. I can highly recommend Bitsy Boutique Gift Shop. Caron.

Chantelle, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you! You are so positive, energetic and ambitious that it is very infectious. You are completely dedicated to your customers too and are just fabulous at advertising our products professionally and creatively at all times. I thank you so very much for all you have done for me. Your commitment is outstanding, with media providing a good reach too. Amanda.

Chantelle is a very professional person to work with, chantelle has worked her hardest to help promote and advertise my small business, chantelle is a lovely person and is very easy to approach and talk to. I would definitely recommend working with chantelle her skills in promoting small businesses are excellent. Amy.

I first joined Chantelle and bitsyboutiqueuk 3 months ago. I have found her incredibly easy to work with and my Instagram following has certainly grown over the time she has promoted my business.  She will deal with any questions you might have and give you all the help you need to grow your business. Her expertise in using social media has helped me enormously as I am new to Instagram.  I can definitely recommend her if you are looking to grow your following or need help with growing your business. Barbara.

Bitsy Boutique is a great platform organised by Chantelle, who is really helpful, supportive and trustworthy. She was great at explaining everything and was fully transparent. When you join Bitsy Boutique, you’re not signing up to a large, faceless company, you are signing up to an online community full of supportive creatives and makers. I am really impressed by what Chantelle is doing. She has helped boost my brand awareness by drawing in new audiences. Thank you! katie.