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Born out of a desire to provide perfect gifts for every occasion, owner and founder, Chantelle, began Bitsy Boutique back in 2015.  Since then, Bitsy Boutique has become Huddersfield locals and global customers one-stop shop for all their gifting needs.

As a mother, Chantelle is no stranger to the panic-buying frenzy gift-giving can often inspire. She understands how life so often gets the better of us and gift-giving isn’t always our top priority.

With this in mind, Chantelle launched Bitsy Boutique, a small independent online boutique gift shop. Bitsy Boutique makes gift-giving a breeze.  With presents for every occasion on one user-friendly website, you can find the ideal gifts for friends or family for every occasion!

Since the brand’s beginning, Chantelle has worked tirelessly to make Bitsy Boutique an affordable and exciting place to shop. All Bitsy Boutique products are hand-picked and curated with the utmost love and attention. Although gift-giving is exciting, it’s not always easy. Rather than becoming stressed and anxious about finding that one-of-a-kind ideal gift for your loved one, head to the Bitsy Boutique website, and you’ll find endless gifting ideas and inspiration. Bitsy boutique has gifts for every occasion imaginable: Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Bitsy Boutique has been helping UK gift-givers discover stand-out gifting ideas and one of a kind personalised gifts since 2015. During the brand’s inceptions, Bitsy Boutique began selling at events around the UK and to a dedicated online following. The popularity of the brand enabled dedicated founder and owner, Chantelle, to open Bitsy Boutique Tea Room and Gift shop.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Bitsy Boutique was one of the many businesses that decided to reevaluate its purpose and direction. Chantelle decided to take the Bitsy Boutique back to its roots and home, the beloved UK gift shop online once again. The pandemic has shown Chantelle and the Bitsy Boutique community just how valuable our time is. Chantelle wants to spend time with her family and show them how much she values and cares for them. Guided by this ethos in her business, it only felt right to apply this to her personal life too. By running Bitsy Boutique from her home, Chantelle has been able to spend time with her loved ones and reconnect with her initial brand values; showing others how much they mean to her.

Today, the Bitsy Boutique is an online boutique gift shop specialising in handmade, bespoke, personalised gifts. The Bitsy Boutique website not only sells sentimental and beautiful gifts, but is also a source of endless inspiration. Being solely dedicated to the art of gift-giving allows the Bitsy Boutique site to guide its customers through the gift-giving process, from inspiration to final purchase. If you’re looking for that present for a friend who has everything already or is notoriously hard to buy for, take a browse around the Bitsy Boutique website for gift ideas. Have a look at all the gift shop products, or narrow your search to suit your loved ones personal tastes. From handmade gifts for friends to mystical gifts for your superstitious aunt, the Bitsy Boutique has the perfect gift for every person and any occasion.


Happy gifting!

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